Welcome to The Pony Share Scheme

Do you long to be around horses & ponies?

Would you love to discover the beautiful relationship that you can have with a horse or pony at The Pony Share Scheme?


A great opportunity for young people

The Pony Share Scheme offers young people the opportunity to experience ownership of a horse or pony, regardless of finance or knowledge. Sharing the costs and work involved opens ownership to all.

Knowledge and confidence are achieved through time spent with the horses and others more experienced. Sharers are able to progress through The Pony Share Scheme and eventually to leave the scheme with the knowledge and skills required to be a responsible horse owner.

Learn Natural Horsemanship at The Pony Share Scheme

Share owners learn how to care for their horse's needs, to be a good leader for their horse, building the relationship & creating a safe, fun, partnership using Natural Horsemanship.

The PSS practices Natural Horsemanship, which teaches us about having respect and trust in relationships, developing skills and giving the understanding to turn problems around. These skills in turn impact on the young persons relationships with family, peers and each other helping to build and strengthen them.

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Why not book a Free Trial Ride?

If The Pony Share Scheme sounds like all your horse dreams come true, then contact us. We can then tell you more, and offer you a free trial ride, so you can see for yourself how it works!


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