The Pony Share Scheme CIC provides…

Value for money

  • You own a share in a horse or pony for just £30.00 per week!
    The Pony Share Scheme CIC is not a Riding School, at The PSS you get so much more. Compare an hour lesson from around £25-45 at a Riding School to 3 hours individual time with your horse at The PSS!
  • You really own your share in your horse or pony.
    Not a loan. Not a ‘feel like your own’. They are yours!
  • At The Pony Share Scheme CIC you will learn all about horses.
    You will learn how care and how to truly understand horses, so that one day, when the time is right, you will know everything you need to be a great horse owner that your horse will be proud to belong to!

The Pony Share Scheme CIC provides …

Time with horses


  • You can come and visit your horse 6 days a week.
    Enjoy spending time with your community, with your friends and with your horse.
  • Spend a minimum of 3 hours every week with your horse or pony.
    This is a minimum amount of one to one time you will spend with your horse or pony; and you'll get to spend even more time with your horse through The PSS’s unique Events Program.

The Pony Share Scheme CIC provides…

Exciting opportunities

  • The Pony Share Scheme CIC runs a special Events Program.
    Throughout each year PSS hold several events including the annual Beach Trip, the Summer Holiday Program and non-horse activities too!
  • There are PSS Open Days twice a year.
    At a PSS open day the sharers get to showcase their amazing relationship and progress with their horse or pony in displays to friends, family and prospective new sharers.
  • The Pony Share Scheme CIC runs it’s own certificate.
    The certificate covers everything you need to know about horses. All the activities you do at The PSS count towards this qualification.

The Pony Share Scheme CIC provides…

Great Social Community

The Pony Share Scheme CIC’s Ethos is:

Eveyone is Welcome

Everyone is Equal

Everyone Belongs


  • The Pony Share Scheme is a Community Interest Company (CIC).
    A CIC is a Social Enterprise and limited company; created for community benefit and not for private advantage.
  • The Pony Share Scheme CIC is Community focussed.
    We encourage an outward focus in all through various fun community activities throughout the year.
  • Deep and lasting friendships are made.
    Both human and equine bonds are formed and thrive at The Pony Share Scheme CIC!

The Pony Share Scheme CIC provides…

A Safe Place

  • The Pony Share Scheme CIC is a safe place to hang out.
    We provide a safe and positive place to socialise, in the great outdoors, with friends who love the same thing you do… HORSES!
  • The PSS follows the Parelli method of Natural Horsemanship.
    Although it is recognised that contact with horses always poses a certain level of risk, Parelli has a far greater safety track record than other areas of the horse industry due to teaching their students how to truly understand horses and accidents are reduced through preparation.
  • The Pony Share Scheme CIC is fully insured.
    The PSS is fully insured and all of our workers are CRB checked to work with young people & vulnerable adults; so you can be certain they are in safe company.

The Pony Share Scheme CIC provides…



Friends, Horses, Camps, Expeditions, Beach Holidays, Natural Horsemanship, Competitions, New Experiences, and so much more.