Sometimes its hard to capture the real Pony Share Scheme when explaining how we are structured and work, or what makes us different from a riding school, being different and innovative is not always easy, but we think these shared words from some of our young people and parents speak a whole lot more!  

"If you are new at the PSS people are really friendly, you learn about all the games and it's fun. The horses are really nice and relaxed, they get lots of attention and Casper is very cheeky. I really enjoyed the summer holidays, you do so much stuff, camping out, gymkhanas, games, hacks and sessions."


"We have been with PSS for nearly a year. The PSS is so much more than riding/learning about horses, although there is plenty of that. It is a place of belonging, friendships, love, sharing and responsibility. It is a place where children learn but above all a place where they have fun. Thank you all for your dedication and enthusiasm - you are giving [my daughter] some precious memories."


"I have been at the scheme for a number of years now, probably over 7 years, and still there (:I have made amazing friends and great experiences!....

The scheme has made me more confident around horses and the Wales beach trip was an amazing and inspiring experience. I loved spending time with my friends, getting to know other people more and riding on the beautiful beach!

The scheme, people and horses mean the world to me. If i didnt have the scheme i would never have experienced anything this remarkable and missed out on a lot! The memories i have never forgotten and will never forget!"


"I have been at the PSS for about 7 years now, and it as been the best 7 years of my life! ...

The scheme has not only helped me with my confidence and skills around horses, but with people too. I am now no longer shy like I used to be and i owe that to Bex and the PSS atmosphere. I love it how you can go down the yard after a hard day at school, or at the weekend and just forget about everything.

The scheme is nothing like a riding stables! It is so much more. Being able to go down to see your horse or pony whenever the yard is open, and having the responsibility of mucking out and taking care of it makes you feel that you have your own little bit of that horse. It is such a good place to go and learn, and then one day you will have the skills to buy your own horse.

Going down the yard each time I am excited about what will happen that day! It is never boring because there will always be other people there to make it entertaining! I will never forget all the amazing people i have met and grown do close to over the years, and it is so nice to know that if you need to talk to someone about ANYTHING, there will always be someone there for you.

Overall, i have to say that the PSS has made me who i am today and it has helped me decided on what i want to do when i am older - work with horses, and show people what amazing creatures they are!!

Thank you so much Bex for setting up the PSS, and all the amazing people who help look after the horses and ponies and the yarrd. The PSS one of the most amazing places on Earth, and i love the fact that I am a part of it. I am never going to forget the PSS. And i mean NEVER!!!"



I joined the pony share scheme in easter 2006 as a very shy girl with no experience with horses at all. On my first day there, my dad waved me goodbye at the gate where lots of girl were standing talking. I walked nervously over not knowing what to say, but as soon as they saw me a girl came over, laura (doylee!) and introduced herself, asking me my name and just generally being friendly. That day I felt so welcome everybody was so nice and helpful, they didnt mind that I didnt have a clue what I was doing they just made me feel like one of the gang!

That's the best thing about the pss you are made to feel so welcome and everyone there is lovely and will accept you for exactly who you are, no matter how old or young it doesnt matter they'll love you anyway!

Not only is it a chance to make some fantastic friends it's also a chance to build a solid and amazing relationship with one of our gorgous horses who all have such different horseinalities! I have been riding my horse Dodi for 2 and a half years now and I can totally trust in him and really enjoy my sessions with him. It's so great when you find a horse that you can get to know and be able to experience, and do some awsome things together, like when you first learn to canter in bareback or do your first jump. It's also really nice to know that if I get stuck on ANYTHING with my horse then I can go and ask for help and it will be given straight away.The pss isnt just just a riding stables its a place where Bex, Tony, Ron, Laura and all who work there go out of there way for you. That's what makes the pss.

In the time I have been there I have been to Wales for 9 days with lots of the horses and my friends and ridden on the beach there, trekked on horseback several times to wheathampsted, been to soul survivor and so much more. There's heaps of opportunities to do all sorts, with your friends and horses so you will never miss out.

I still go there now and will be going for years to come, but the difference is i've grown in confidence, made loads of lovely friends and found a really great horse.

The pss made me!"

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